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Married, own a dog, car and push bike. I'm sure there's more to me than that, but I'm modest.

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» Conspiracy theory nutters

There are no conspiracies
There are no conspiracies
There are no conspiracies
There are no conspiracies

(Tue 1st Sep 2009, 16:27, More)

» Workplace Boredom

I work from home mostly, which is lucky as my office is 100 miles away. For Christmas, I got a Paper Airplane 'Fold-a-day' calendar. Fortunately, it's not 1 fold per day, but fold 1 paper airplane per day (except at weekends, when one plane has to last you 2 days). So when my job gets boring, I can sit there and make my paper plane, and fly it about. Hurrah! Today's plane is an origami F-4 Phantom, by Kyong H. Lee. Apparently.

Ok, so not too exciting, but I enjoy it. And you can't have those 10 seconds of your life back.
(Tue 13th Jan 2009, 11:50, More)

» Crappy relationships

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Your BO is terrible
That's why I'm dumping you
(Wed 27th Oct 2010, 10:36, More)

» Vandalism

Seen in Prague
Someone had written "Fuck of" in big letters using a spray can.

Another graffiti professional clearly objected to the poor use of the English language, and added, much smaller, another "f"...

Fuck of(f)
(Fri 8th Oct 2010, 14:00, More)

» Conspiracy theory nutters

Bloke I used to work with
He was a stereotypical conspiracy theorist (it's a conspiracy that they're all as loopy as each other). He used to believe everything he read on teh internet, about all those bizarre conspiracies (and even sent me a 60-page document outlining them), but wouldn't believe a single word anybody told him about fact-related subjects. Also, he was a religious nut who thought there was no evidence to support evolution, and picked his nose (and ate the resulting nasal debris).

So to summarise, conspiracy theorists are in collusion with each other, and have their own secret club called "the church".
(Tue 1st Sep 2009, 12:40, More)
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