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Old joke I'm sure
(Wed 15th Dec 2010, 21:52, More)

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» Festivals

I had the good fortune
to go to Roskilde festival in 2007.

the year it was nearly closed down by Danish health officials. More rain fell in the 5 days before the festival than had in the previous 15 festivals combined I think, and the place was a mudbath from the get go.

I had my tent pre booked and pitched because it was akward enough to get there without lugging camping gear.

When we got to the tents they were under 4 inches of water. It was pissing rain, we'd travelled for about 14 hours on planes, trains and busses to get there, and now we'd no tents.

Ended up goping back to Copenhagen to book a hotel for the duration of the festival along with thousands of other people and getting the train in and out every day.

Then I saw the Flaming Lips, ate some Reindeer stew and had sex with an Icelandic girl. It was the best festival of all time.

I went again last year in the 40degree sunshine. It wasn't the same.
(Thu 4th Jun 2009, 13:44, More)

» Sexual fetishes

I was at Oktoberfest
last year, and noticed that the barmaids wore these wrist support things to help them carry the massive beer glasses.

There was one particular girl who was working our section who had on one that gave me the right horn.

I now have a kind of wrist support / arm in a cast fetish. Sort of.
(Fri 23rd Oct 2009, 18:26, More)