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» Impulse buys

I bought a Bullworker X5 from Argos
You know - one of those chest expander things to make you go all Charles-Atlas..

Thought it was awfully heavy as I was walking up the street...
Thought 'Cor, I need this thing - I'm even weaker than I thunk'!

Got home, opened the box - they had given me a box of 4 Bullworkers!
Me - 4 Argos - 0

You should see my pecs now... Lordy, I'm like a regular Vimto Diesel!
(Wed 27th May 2009, 14:00, More)

» Sexual fetishes

The best one I've ever heard
A bloke liked to wear red patent stilettos - otherwise naked - walk up and down in a bath - and have oranges thrown at his bottom.
It wasn't me.
Think it was in that documentary 'Fetishes' by Nick Broomfield. Oh, trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3rOExR8DBk (which is the same one with the cheese-grater)
(Fri 23rd Oct 2009, 9:58, More)