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» Irrational Fears

You should always
breathe out as much air as you breathe in (and vice versa). Sometimes, a little adjustment is necessary to maintain a healthy balance and this is best effected through the nostrils. THAT's why I used to make those "funny little sniffing sounds" when I was a young'un. Similarly, one should make the same number of right and left turns, to avoid getting "twisted" - when climbing several flights of stairs, for example, which might otherwise result in several consecutive right or left turns, adjustment should be made by a sort of doh-si-doh manouver at each turn. Pay attention: the path of your life must be a straight one...
(Wed 28th Jan 2004, 9:39, More)

» Slang Survey

"Lips and arseholes"
- of "meat" dishes prepared from economy cuts (cf. "cheap as chicken cunts").
(Tue 3rd Feb 2004, 12:06, More)

» Slang Survey

at our school meant "to steal" along the same lines as "tax" (eg. "can I chav/tax wunnayoorfagz?")
(Tue 3rd Feb 2004, 12:01, More)