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Is this on? Really?

Ok, erm, my name is wideeye, I'm 34 years old 35 years old (bastards) 36 years old (utter utter bastards) 37 years old (aaaargh, when will it end???) 38 years old (oh, I just give up) 39 years old (fuck you, fuck you all) somewhere in the region of late 30's in my fucking 40s having a mid-life existential crisis and my hair smells of chimneys. That is all.

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» Funerals II

Monty Python
My dad: looked a little bit like and acted very like a certain John Cleese. So we got the organist to play "Only look on the bright side of life" at his funeral :oD lot's of people thought it was bad taste, my family and I just giggled our way through it
(Fri 12th Apr 2013, 14:38, More)

» I'm your biggest Fan

Steve Coogan
Well, where do I start... I used to live in the building that was the original Factory Records HQ... got a call one day from the landlord (non other than alan erasmus, ex director of factory) asking if we would like to give some film company access to our flat to be used as a green room as they were filming "24 Hour Party People" in the flat below. No brainer. We said yes.

Roll forward a few weeks, door bell goes at some ungodly hour (7 in the morning or something) - loads of filmy style people camped on our doorstep with camera things (n' shit). Everyone troops up to our flat, and in walks Steve Coogan. Sits down. And unwraps a foil wrapped cheese sandwich and starts eating.

Not particularly exciting, but it seemed more like his alternate persona "Mr Partridge" than Steve Coogan. Oh, and he had an anorak. And he was a bit of a grunting twat.

Anyway, we later moved into the flat they were filming in - was *very* odd seeing our living room on the screen in the cinema :oP


Edit: not really relevant for the QOTW, but I felt the need to pop my QOTW cherry
(Fri 17th Apr 2009, 14:01, More)