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» That's me on TV!

Nothing of mine ended up on TV...
... but I did try!

This is way back, from when I was a little lad, in primary school. For some reason (I honestly have no idea why) the headmistress had arranged the weatherman, Michael Fish to visit the school, and as a special treat, everyone in my class was invited to make the weather symbols for the screen.

Going around the class, everyone said which symbol they wanted to do. So my fellow 5 year olds were asking to make 'Sun' 'Rain' 'Clouds' 'Arrows.' Then it comes to me, shiney eyed, excited that something I did will be on the television, I figured I would be so cool, if I made thunder and lightning, so I get down with my coloured papers, pens, scissors and glittery dust, for the lightning... Even staying after school 10 minutes to get this brilliant, shiney, golden, epic storm cloud finished, for the teachers to laminate.

For the next few days, the whole class is buzzing with anticipation. Even got big numbers on the wall, counting down to the time our weather map will be shown, by Michael Fish, from on the telly...

... Then the day comes.

... Early June, heatwave. Only two or three of my peers who made the sun symbol got theirs on the telly. Stuck up at the north of Scotland, the rest of UK covered with the weather companies own symbols. Cue a class full of 5 year olds simultaneously break down with disappointment, that all our hard work was for nothing, and only two or three smug bastards, gloating about how they knew it would be sunny in June.

... I spent the prior two days almost praying for a thunderstorm.

(I know I wasn't on telly... but everyone likes to read about childrens crushed dreams)
(Tue 16th Jun 2009, 3:26, More)

» God

Within the last 6 months, i fear that mormons may be following me. They came up to me and asked me about my faith. Told them I was happy in catholicism, and walked on.

The next day, I ran into them again, in the city streets, said 'hi again,' had a little chuckle about bumping into them twice.

Now, things begin to get a little weird. About a week later, im at a friends house. In the living room, are the same two mormon girls talking to my friends housemate (he's a PhD in religious studies... not that surprising, really) So, they looked at me, waved and said hi. All friendly.

All went quiet for a few weeks at this point... no mormons, Im safe to walk around town, without questioning my faith. Then, I sit down, for a coffee in a well known chain, behind me I hear 'hello, would you like to hear about our lord?' I immediatly recognise the voice. Turn around, its the same mormons again. So, we have a little chat about my friend, all is good, they arent trying to convert me, anymore.

I see them in town, again, a few days later, nothing special there.

Then, about two or three days later, theres a knock on my door. I live with a couple other people, but still, Im the only one dressed enough to leave the room. So, I go open the door.... its the mormons again! I say hi, have a little chat about God and theology, have a little laugh about bumping into them again.

Again, a few days pass, meet them in town again... blah blah blah.

Final part of this ongoing saga, I met them again on the bus, a few days ago.

Sorry about not really going anywhere with this, theres nothing really conclusive to say on this topic. Except, noone else I know (other than my friend and her housemate, obv) seems to have met them, or even know we have a mormon church in our town.

I look foward to meeting them again :) I recently obtained a copy of the watchtower, I may pretend iv gone Jehova's witness.
(Mon 23rd Mar 2009, 14:26, More)