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» Impromptu Games You Play

Hide and Go Seek is Still fun.
Sears Shopping Centre Hide and Go Seek.

One fine day my friends and I decided that it would be fun to see a restricted movie even though we were only 17 and they had strict laws saying we couldn’t buy tickets. So, being the eager beavers that we were we showed up an hour too early for the movie and were bored to tears. Wandering around aimlessly in the department stores of the mall, we thought it would be fun to recreate a moment of our childhood. This idea spawned an old familiar game which involved running around like fools trying to find hiding spots in clothes and toys galore. There were 5 of us, one that stayed at the store entrance and counted to 20 and 4 of us who ran in different directions; or what seemed like different directions. I thought it would be a great idea to try and hide in a fridge because there were a few that were really big and could fit Big Foot if you tried hard enough. Running towards the fridges I could almost smell the Security guards were on our trail like a fat homosexual to Ricky Martin. There she was! The greatest site my eyes ever did see, the fridge of my dreams. This would be my home some day, but not without jettisoning some cargo. Before I started to pull drawers and separators out of the fridge my friend Ian spotted me and headed my way.
“What the hell are you doing!?” Ian frantically questioned.
“Just quick, take this vegetable crisper and start a new life somewhere where no one will find you, a secret place where everyone knows your face!” I frenzied.
“Seriously man, what the hell is a vegetable crisper? First you think that I would want to go somewhere where no one would find me and you tell me to take something that doesn’t exist with me?” Ian questioned hysterically.
“Do I really have to tell you what a vegetable crisper is? Jesus H. Christ man, I’ve got to get into the fridge!”
”Honest, what the hell is a vegetable crisper! You have no idea what you are talking about!”
“Just take the drawer you dolt, I need to get into the fridge before it’s too late.”

Into the fridge I went and it wasn’t long before I was found by the mall security. Once he opened the door I quickly replied with: “Wow! It sure is roomy in here, thanks for letting me out the seal is great on the fridge; I’m sure my parents would love this model. Now where did my friend run off to with the vegetable crisper, he was supposed to let me out?”

I got out of there as soon as I could and ran to where my friend Dave was hiding. We then ran into the mall area away from the shopping centre and tried to see if we could signal our friends to come out as well. They too eventually ventured out of the shopping centre and we all decided it would be best to just sneak into our restricted movie and not play hide and go seek any more. After watching the movie, the evening was complete when my friend Dave rode the gigantic pig ride which stated that it was “for children use only.”
(Thu 1st Apr 2004, 3:48, More)