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» Worst Record Ever

"it's getting hot in here" by that nelly guy.
this song is quite definitely the most ass song i've ever heard in my life. no, i take that back, that other song he has about country grammar is slightly more ass. and it makes my left eye twitch because i hate it with such a profound passion. either song makes me violent, really. i'd like to introduce his face to my favorite pair of steel toes. while they're on my feet. for a long, long time. and then i'd just flip out on him while he sat silently in the corner and wished he'd never been born or at least written such a horrible, horrible song and "rapped" it onto an album... dude, you can't even rap. you whine into a microphone for 5 minutes and get paid to do it. and you are on mtv every 20 minutes and you are a dumbass SELLOUT!! i hate you!!!! stupid idiot nelly!!!!!1 AAArrRRRGGGGhhHHH!!!!!!!111
(Wed 3rd Dec 2003, 23:37, More)