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» Slang Survey

Let me see...
I belong to a select group of nerds that play a magical card game, complete with it's own slang. I shall demonstrate.

Janky - bad, irritating, and sometimes something that shouldn't work but does. (see Janky Tech)

Janky Tech - something that shouldn't work, but does

Mise - From "might as well" the act of pulling something off with very little chance of doing so. "Wow, I totaly mised winning that match" etc.

Random - normally a new/bad player. also a good nerd insult. "did you see that guy? what a random" I hate that one.

I should probably develop some sort of life away from this card game (Magic: The Gathering if you didn't know) but there you have it. there's more slang too, but I can't be arsed writing it.

(Wed 4th Feb 2004, 8:36, More)