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Short, loud, rude girl from Midlands.

That is all.

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» Housemates

My housemate
tried to grow some pot from seeds she'd got from a boy on her course. She spent lots of money getting all the equipment. A few weeks later she had some very nice tomato plants.

That is all.
(Wed 4th Mar 2009, 9:29, More)

» Public Sex

Just a thought...
But I'd really quite like to see SpankyHanky, Chart Cat, and Pooflake have a threeway in public.
Might not be pretty, but it would be funny as fuck to hear what they come out with.
(Fri 24th Apr 2009, 13:39, More)

» IT Support

I think I need the help of IT support to translate some of these posts into English! *Does not understand half of um!*
(Thu 24th Sep 2009, 16:43, More)

» Puns

What do you call a black man flying a plane?
The pilot.

That is all.
(Fri 6th Mar 2009, 10:46, More)

» Turning into your parents

When you get old you suddenly find things dull that you enjoyed before
I must be getting old because QOTW was great up until they asked this dull, dreay, incredibly boring question. *Yawns*
(Fri 1st May 2009, 23:41, More)
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