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» Why will you burn in hell?

I once threatened a girl about going to Hell
My parents sent me to a Catholic elementary school, not because they were beliebers, but because it was two blocks away from home. The school was quite liberal, I wasn't even baptised but they accepted me, as long as I took RE as a compulsory subject. I didn't mind, but I used every chance to troll people with religion, such as asking our RE teacher why we had to go to church on Sundays if God was everywhere (to this day, I still think Matt Groening somehow got into my head and stole that from me). I do feel guilty about one trolling attempt: there was this fat, greedy girl in my class, and as I was a bit hungry in recess and had finished my snacks, I went to her and ask for some of hers. As I had foreseen, she refused to share her massive amount of snacks with me, so I told her that if she didn't share her food with me, she would go straight to Hell when she died. As she was only about 8 or 9, she got very frightened and started crying and ran to the teacher (a very sweet Spanish nun) to ask her if my threat was true. I got told off by the not-so-sweet-anymore nun, but at least the girl shared her food with other people from time to time.
(Mon 16th Jul 2012, 18:50, More)