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» I'm glad nobody saw me

Now it's funny. Then, not so much.
Older brother pays 16 year old me to change the oil on his '75 Buick Riviera, a 40 foot long, 10 ton pimp wagon.
Sits too low to crawl under, so set out the ramps under the front wheels on the gravel driveway. Give some it gas to climb the ramps, gravel starts spitting out. More gas, rear wheels dig holes in the gravel down to the axle.
Shit! Can't let big bro, see this.
Put it in reverse, back up, WHUMP. Front wheels drop into the holes the rears wheels made.
SHIT! Hit the gas, rear wheels now dig two more holes down in the gravel.
All four wheels are now buried axle deep in the driveway. Had to jack up each wheel and shovel gravel back under the tires.
Had just finished the last wheel when my big bro comes out of the house.
"What are you doing?"
"Jacking up the car so I can get underneath."
"...You should use the ramps. It'd be easier."
(Tue 1st Feb 2011, 3:19, More)