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» Dad Jokes

Dad: The List (abridged)
[When told the price of something]"How much? Cheap at half the price!"
[When something is dropped] "It's on the floor, by your foot."
[When stuck behind a slow-moving passenger vehicle] "That's one of those Rolls-Kenardley coaches - Rolls down one hill, Kenardley get up the next."
[When given a weak cup of tea] "I'm sorry to inform you that your horse has diabetes." [When I finally quizzed him about this one, I was told that it was from back when people had horses and used to take a container of equine urine to a chemist for him to test it for disease. He inherited the saying from his dad, and I now use it - to the total bafflement of my colleagues.]
(Thu 11th Dec 2003, 10:19, More)