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» Drunk Parents

My father,
when properly badgered, tends to piss in the kitchen sink rather than move himself the many miles to the bathroom.

I only discovered that he does this sort of thing, when, at Christmas past, whilst we had family in and were all pretty Wombled, he decided to slink away into a darkened kitchen and tinkle into the glasses occupying the sink. At the time it was more disgustingly amusing than plainly disgusting. Still, the gran did nearly have another stroke.

At least I got to the bottom of why there were pubes in the sink when I went to go and do the dishes!

p.s. it's his own sink in his own house (not that it makes it alright)
p.p.s. this is my first QOTW - woo.
(Mon 28th Feb 2011, 14:18, More)