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Hello! Bad at writing profiles so am abstaining...

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» My Collection

Collectable geek
I thought I was bad - books, ornaments, cuddly toys. Boxes and boxes of everything that I've collected and have never thrown away have moved house with me quite a bit over the last few years.

And then I met my boyfriend, the owner of 5000 cds, a couple of cabinets of Land Rover models, filing drawers full of brochures, boxes of Robot Wars toys (ok, that one's got a reason as he did build a competing robot) - the list probably goes on. He buys clothes so he doesn't have to wash them so often. Calling him a geek just gets shrugged off - he knows he is. One day he said to me "I think I might be a bit obsessive." I looked around me and rolled my eyes.

We've just moved house and yes, the new one's much bigger just so we can fit ourselves and our stuff in it. I despair...
(Fri 12th Jan 2007, 19:12, More)

» Neighbours

I have thought long and hard about a neighbours story, but I think my other half and I are probably some of 'those' neighbours...
When we moved in to our current house, it was the only one with enough space to park/store our five vehicles (of which I own one - the rest were his!) We also have so much stuff between the two of us that we filled two removal lorries. I'm pretty certain that we were the talk of the neighbours.

As for a story about a neighbour of mine, the wibbly lines need to take us back to the mid-eighties. I was a little girl of single figures and there was a (in my opinion) lovely old man a few doors down from us who was always working in his front garden and we always said hello and stopped for a chat. One day when I was on my own he told me that he had a tortoise who lived in the back garden. I instantly asked if I could see it and he said yes in principle, but that he wouldn't let me go back there without my Mum. We duly trundled off to my front door, collected my Mum and went to meet the tortoise.

In that time, I don't think people were nearly so careful about correct behaviour with children. So was I in the back garden of a reformed paedophile or just a very vigilant man? I don't ever want to know, but I do wonder...
(Mon 5th Oct 2009, 13:21, More)

» The Credit Crunch

The Other Half...
...is probably being made redundant tomorrow - or possibly not. We've been waiting to find out since Thursday. We spent tonight arguing about money. Yay.
(Mon 26th Jan 2009, 2:28, More)

» Childhood Ambitions

The infant school career challenge
When I was about seven we all had to do the "When I grow up I want to be a...", 'cept at seven we basically were only aware of teachers and policemen. So I dutifully wrote "I want to be a teacher", not least cause my Mum was one, but knowing that I probably didn't want to be a teacher even then.

Sadly twenty-one years later I can still say "When I grow up, I don't know what I want to be. Can I go out and play in the sandpit now?"
(Thu 5th Apr 2007, 0:07, More)

» Cross Dressing

That would be an average Saturday night then...
I've been to university, so blokes in dresses became rather common for me. However at the Student Union Cross-dressing night, despite being a girl I wore a skirt. It seemed appropriate, seeing as I hadn't worn one for the preceding 18 months.
(Mon 19th Mar 2007, 22:54, More)
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