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Northern lass now living darn sarf. They say 'bas'. I say bus. They say 'larf'. I say laugh. They say 'barth'. I say bath. And so on and so on.

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» Famous people I hate

Robert Pattinson
Ok, I've read Twilight, albeit under duress from my obsessed housemates. It was alright - just wish I'd had the idea first, to be honest, given the money she's made from it. I've watched the film and it was pretty entertaining. But what I can't understand is the ridiculous obsession that the media, and women in general, seem to have with 'R-Pattz'. As a 21 year old heterosexual female, it seems that I'm expected to adore him. I just think he looks a bit dirty. And not in a good way. Brooding and intense does nothing for me.

And he has fucking weird nipples.
(Sun 7th Feb 2010, 0:13, More)