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» Unexpected Nudity

19th Birthday's
It was a pleasantly warm and dry November evening. (I know, hard to believe)

Being without girl friend and In Liverpool with my flatmates (all male), we decided to do the traditional thing for a birthday, and get shit faced on a combination of Jack Daniels and Marijuana (Pleasant enough mix!)

We went to the local pub to take advantage of the local pool table (free if they recognised you, which they did, =D) and the comely young bar lady.

After quaffing too much, as is tradition.

I decided it was time to head for home...*Drink Addled Fug* ....I then woke up in my bed.

Thankfully my companions weren't so drink addled as to have forgotten what I did.

I excused myself politely from the pub, gathered my cronies and started walking home. I breached the front door as one does faced with that solid barrier of an entrance; and promptly started to undress in the living room as if it was the most natural thing in the world, I then proceeded into the kitchen, to take a PISS in the corner, not a small one either judging by the lake in the morning!

Upon my return to the front room, I sat down, rolled a few joints and then went to bed.

All of this entirely naked, while surrounded by my male flatmates, I'm completely heterosexual, so I don't know what the hell I was playing at, I must have been un-comfortable in all those clothes!

I was apparently, not aware of my naked state, and once they finally convinced me I was naked, I apparently said:

"Well, you've got one too so no worries!"

Of course, I don't remember any of this, but it sounds like something I would say and do.
(Thu 28th May 2009, 15:37, More)

» Unexpected Nudity

Semi-Unexpected Nudity
It was june, I was 18.

It the first trip of many to the flattest of lands.

I was with my mate and his missus.

They had bailed out on me on one of the afternoons that we were there.
Not to be deterred with the lack of companions I ensconced myself in the local coffee shop.

Not one to shy away from social interactions I was happily chatting away to a group of lads from teh_toon.

Nice fellows all round. Usual bullshit for a conversation leads to the following question:

"Any one have any tattoo's or piercing's or anything?"

The whole group of lads started to look uncomfortable, I get the impression that they knew where this line of questioning would lead.

All except for the largest (In stature) member of the grou; whom had rather a smug grin on his features.

"I've got a Prince Albert!"

Myself being naive and unworldly (yea right!) was for a moment confused.

"That's one in your schlong isn't it?"

"Yup" he replies nonchalantly, "Wanna see it?"

My reply was this.

"I seriously don't think that you are going to whip out your piece infront of all of these people."

I was clearly mistaken.

Nice guys though, shame about the errant tadger.
(Wed 3rd Jun 2009, 14:55, More)