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» Asking people out

Natalie Wilson...My biggest failure
I have been unlucky enough to go right through school, university (twice) and to my current age of 25 having depressingly kissed only one (1) person in all of that time (even missing out on the play ones everybody did in the cloakrooms at the end of primary school). I say unlucky here because I have been told that I'm not bad-looking and I get on with nearly everybody I meet...so lack of luck must be to blame.
The pinnacle of this unluckyness, however, was entirely of my own making. You know the way it goes...person spends years hoping, praying and failing miserably until fate hands them exactly what they were dreaming of...and they promptly piss it all up against a wall.

I did this spectacularly with Natalie. Natalie was quite simply gorgeous - there is no other word to describe her. She was three years younger than me at the time (I was 16...she obviously 13) and the kind of girl with the kind of looks, body and personality to make your jaw drop and your tongue to roll out a la Looney Tunes. She got on the same school coach as me and barely noticed I existed for the first few months. Then, she started to come and sit next to me at the front when the seat next to me was free. We'd talk about nothing special in particular, then she'd go back to collect her things just before her stop.
One day, she stayed on until the last stop...mine...with everybody else who got off there as well. I didn't even know she was still on...until she came to the front, minutes before the stop...and asked me out in front of the whole of the remaining assembled passengers.
What did I say? No. *No** What can I say...I was terrified! She was so upset...had planned to do it for ages apparently.
Goodness knows what would have happened...but I'd have been happy I know it. Typical...fucksocks :(
(Thu 17th Dec 2009, 7:48, More)