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» Sexual fetishes

no further explanation is needed.
(Sat 24th Oct 2009, 10:15, More)

» Helicopter Parents

my mum hit the roof when she found out i have smoked weed. I got the whole talking to about the perils of the devils lettuce and how it will fuck up your life blah blah blah.... Spewing anti-weed propaganda.

But being a photographer i owned a negative scanner. Cue me scanning and printing the half dozen photos of mum and dad suckin on bongs when they where in their 20's.

People. Destroy your negatives not just the prints of any incriminating evidence
(Fri 11th Sep 2009, 20:54, More)

» The Dark

Fucking cats
Was it just me or did everyone else have a mild heart attack the first time they heard cats prowling of a night?
They sounded liked a demonic baby crying. ......

First time i heard them i was around 13, i was so scared my whole body shook and i couldn't sleep cause my heart was beating so fast. All the possiblee scenarios raced through my mind, each failing to explain what this demon child like screaming was.
Cue major embaressment the next moring when my parents explained it was just the cats in the drive way
I slept with the window closed for the next 6 months, all through a awefully hot Australian summer.

click if you think there should be some sort of international demonic cat awwarness program for kids,


(apologies for spelling, using mmy phoone)
(Sat 25th Jul 2009, 2:59, More)

» I don't understand the attraction

i honestly don't get how they think they good in a cap tilted back with it pulled so tight that there rats tail hangs out the back. And the stupid popped collar on their fake ralph lauren polo, as well as spoting those horrilbe parachute pants from the eightys.

Also what is their facination with bum bags/fanny packs, and strapping them across there chest.

Who in there right mind (well that kinda explains it) aims to look like somwthing that just climbed out of the cess pit of humanity ?

By the year 2050 i predict england will be just one hybrib mix of chav(ette)s and jordan look-a-likes. Fuck its even spread to where i live in australia (except we call them lads)
(Fri 16th Oct 2009, 10:24, More)