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» Helicopter Parents

My story - not funny
Not a very nice story but here we go.

I was sexually abused from the age of eight until I left home at sixteen by my brother. During most of this period I was too scared to tell anyone. My brother said if I did he'd kill me and I beleived him. Eventually I told my parents. This was when I was nearly sixteen and had missed my period. I was so scared I might be pregnant. My brother never raped me but he did things which I could possibly have gotten pregnant by doing, things I don't want to ever talk about with anyone. I went and told my mum and burst out crying. And she didn't beleive me. She stuck up for my brother and said he was such a nice boy and would never do anything like this. She accused me of sleeping round with the boys at school - not true, I hated sex and still do to this day because of what happened.

Turns out I wasn't pregnant. I was just stressed and that had stopped my periods. Then in the few weeks (seemed like years) while I figured out how to get myself out of that situation, my parents ignored me. They concentrated on my brother and how great he was at everything. Made me sick. Made me very ill.

And then one day I just left. Walked out and never went back. I'd sorted out accomodation through a charity and it was a good stop gap. Got a job in the local supermarket. Never looked back. Never spoke to any member of my family again. Might sound harsh, but I just never saw the point. They live 200 miles away from me now and it might as well be another country because I'm never going back.

I closed this chapter on my life for good when I left. Never took it any further as I don't think anyone would beleive me. I beleive everyone gets what they deserve in the end, and I imagine my so called helicopter parents (with regards to my brother anyway) and my brother will get what they deserve, eventually.

Thanks for reading and sorry for lack of funnies. Normal service from spanky and the others can resume now.
(Thu 17th Sep 2009, 13:03, More)

» PE Lessons

I've been an avid reader of QOTW and B3ta in general for ages
Am I the only one who's getting increasingly concerned about the nastiness and outright hostility on here? Its one thing to have a joke with someone, but calling someone a cunt just because you don't like what they put on without contributing anything yourself isn't clever, it's just nasty.

And, yes, this DOES remind me of my terrible PE lessons. I really thought hostility for no aparent reason was a thing of the past for me and probably the silent majority who come here to get away from the real world and have a bit of a chuckle.

(Fri 20th Nov 2009, 16:25, More)

» Buses

The worst bus is the one you have to get in the morning to work
But the best is the one you get back home again later!
(Tue 30th Jun 2009, 14:17, More)