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Has this place changed at all in my absence?

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» DIY Techno-hacks

Ok right,
When I was 3, I used to play on my brother's ZX Spectrum.
Only thing was it was a bit shit and you had to hold the cassette drive closed a particular way to make it load properly.

Anyway, eventually, we figured out that Mum's wooden spatula that she used to beat us with would work rather well at keeping the drive closed in just the right way if we jammed it in right, so we nicked it from her.

Two birds - one stone. No more beatings and a working Spectrum - happy days!
(Wed 26th Aug 2009, 3:37, More)

» Bad Management

Stupid lazy fat lump
I once worked in pub/restaurant in West Yorkshire which was part of a well known chain.
My boss was a 40 year old gay bloke who still lived with his parents.
I was about 20 and bloody good at my job. He was shit, he once single-handedly caused a 2 HOUR WAIT for starters. 2 fucking hours!

One day I was stood in the kitchen waiting to take some food out when my boss, who was apparently attempting banter said to me "you are a stupid lazy fat lump".

I walked out.
(Mon 14th Jun 2010, 1:38, More)