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» The Wank Bank

Slightly off-topic here but lots of people, of course, have odd but elaborate devices and methods that they use for masturbation.
Imagine my shock when I discovered that my particular method, which involved putting my penis into a sleeping volunteer got me into ALL SORTS of trouble.
(Thu 23rd Aug 2012, 16:26, More)

» Broken Promises

I was promised a trip to the park and an ice cream :(

(Sun 5th Dec 2010, 21:11, More)

» Crappy relationships


(Thu 21st Oct 2010, 12:43, More)

» Real Life Slapstick II

They were planning on modding that Bea Arthur picture a lot quicker than 'three weeks after it started appearing' but Scaryduck slipped on a banana skin and accidentally got al his fingers impaed on Jack Russells.

(Mon 6th Oct 2014, 11:21, More)

» Foot in Mouth Syndrome II

So I said to her 'I totally did you when you were sleeping'
That's backfired on me, BIGSTYLE.
(Wed 22nd Aug 2012, 1:17, More)
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