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Erm, yeah... profile. Can't think of anything really to say... Although if you're reading this then you've probably already seen some of my naff attempts at pictorial humour... so we'll leave it there! :)

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» Airport Stories

Teenage apathy.
Back when I was a mere nipper (well, about 14) I used to be in the Air Cadets (which I guess kind of gives me a divine right to post some sort of airport story) - anyway, this one day I've been volunteered to do some helicopter marshaling. Which was fun. Got a lift from Elstree airport in a little Bell Jetranger (Registration G-DOFY - renamed after the Duchess Of York who learnt to fly in it... yes, I was in Budgie the fucking helicopter) over to Marlow where the marshaling was taking place. After a very uneventful day we flew back to Elstree airport where, upon landing, the pilot turned to me and said "I've just heard on the radio that Axl Rose is just landing. Fancy meeting him?". My reply? "Nah, fuck it, got to get home, Neighbours is starting soon."

Oh well :)
(Wed 8th Mar 2006, 19:28, More)