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» Babysitters

Caught by a 7 year old.
I babysat for the couple across the street from me for about 2 years as a teen. I also had a boyfriend that would come over and accompany me after I put the little girl to bed. Her parents were cool with this, so nothing was said. One night, after going to bed, he and I got a little amorous and I proceeded to give him a BJ while he was sitting in the fathers easy chair. All of a sudden, he started tugging up his jeans and said "I'm feeling better now!" I looked up at him to find his eyes as big as saucers looking at the upstairs balcony. I turned to see the little girl just staring down at us with a confused look. I stood up and aske her what was wrong to which she replied "I cant sleep. What are you doing?" I explained that "Uncle so and so" had a tummy ache and I was listening to hear if the rumbling was getting worse. He played along with a pained look on his face while trying to discreetly put himself together.

After that, I didn't do so much sitting for them. I wonder if after growing up, she realised exactly what was going on.
(Mon 1st Nov 2010, 13:41, More)