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» First rude thing I ever saw

In my formative years
I watched Maggie Thatcher fuck the working class up the arse
(Sat 13th Aug 2011, 16:20, More)

» I don't understand the attraction

Celebrity gossip
More specifically the morons who are infatuated with this sort of thing. I don't know any celebrities or have anything to say or think about them, It's none of my business. I can't understand why anyone cares about this shit, yet there are literally hundreds of magazines and newspapers being published weekly to inform on which footballer's wife has broken a fingernail falling out of a nightclub. Get a life of your own you fucking spastics!
(Thu 15th Oct 2009, 16:40, More)

» I don't understand the attraction

Jim Carey
Anyone else want to smack him round the chops with a wet fish?
(Sat 17th Oct 2009, 20:41, More)

» Irrational Hatred

James Corden
Fat prick.
(Sun 3rd Apr 2011, 22:52, More)

» Bodge Jobs

A while back at the workshop where I work we had some guy bring his motor in. He was mates with our boss and turned up totally out of the blue and expected us to drop all of our other work so we could sort his out first, total pisstaker. Even so the boss went for it, but it seemed like he was more interested in getting frisky with his mates bird who was with him.
Anyway they all fucked off for a while and what with our boss being a bit of a practical joker he sends us a message to stitch up this guys motor before they come back. So we left a few parts working so they would just get started and get no further, boss thought it would be hilarious. Always was a joker old Lando.
(Sun 13th Mar 2011, 22:01, More)
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