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holy bitmap b3taman!
(Wed 15th Jan 2003, 15:53, More)

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» The Dirty Secrets of Your Trade

Don't bother taking your recycling to Sainsburys. As soon as the recycling bins get full at the front of the store, the excess just gets wheeled round the back and slung in the skip.

A lot of things go into that skip, a lot of things that could be of use to others less fortunate.

Virtually every food item that goes in is near-perfect and could have fed the homeless. Every single non-food item is the same; I'm sure charity shops would have been happy to take things like toys, books and sunglasses, (Prada sunglasses that is, with RRPs of £50+ on them), but we were expressly forbidden from giving them to anybody.

Some fruit and vegetables went to the local animal shelter, if they were past their best and humans wouldn't eat them. Anything else just got slung; including about 100 loaves of bread every day.

You're not supposed to put meat in the skip because of health and safety. You're supposed to pay for a wagon to come and pick it up. You're also supposed to store it in the freezer so that it doesn't rot. Guess where we put it?

It's not surprising that environmental health visited us on no less than five occasions during a single year. Not when you consider that the management had, in their wisdom, installed the skip behind the main intake vent for the store's air-conditioning.
(Tue 2nd Oct 2007, 13:02, More)

» Secret Santa

Mexican Wrestling Mask
No, I don't know why.
(Sun 17th Dec 2006, 20:41, More)

» Useless Information

a banana
is not a fruit, it's a herb. or rather the bush they grow on is a herb... the banana itself is a berry.
(Fri 18th Mar 2005, 20:17, More)

» My Worst Vomit

suffering badly and
trying to hold it back, i stumbled blindly upstairs into the bathroom. just as i was about to hurl, what should happen but the door rebounded off the towel rail and hit me full in the face.
i managed to redecorate the back of the door, my face, body, arms, legs, much of the carpet and even some of the ceiling.
my mother was not best pleased.
(Thu 19th Aug 2004, 21:16, More)