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» Why will you burn in hell?

Yes, yes I am.
In my mid teens I was involved in a group playground incident, where the insufferably cocky & annoying kid with MS got his comeuppance.
And by MS I mean he was completely able apart from fucked legs.

He'd crutch his way around school, talking bollocks and constantly trying to wind people up and for some reason found me and my friends the most enjoyable to pick-on- preferring lunchtimes to bait us.
Due to him being disabled all the teachers would turn a blind eye to it, and if you tried complaining were given advice on tolerance.

One particular lunchtime he'd preceded to follow us around the yard, generally picking on each of us in turn when one of our number realised there was no-one on yard duty keeping an eye on him.
So we made our way over to the end of the playground where the binsheds were, and when he was close enough we grabbed him and escorted him into them.
They found him an hour and a half later; we were all bollocked and given a weeks 'litter duty'.

I still laugh when I remember this, that's probably why I'm going to hell.
(Sun 15th Jul 2012, 16:29, More)

» The B3ta Cookbook

Sandwich epiphany!
I was stoned, had little in the fridge apart from half a pack of salami, mayo, Jar of Gherkins and some cheese slices, eugh a salami butty; then a glance in the freeezer - OMG there's fish fingers, so the magical sandwich was created.

Grill fishfingers, while toasting 2 slices of bread.
Once both are ready.

Place in the following order,
Bottom slice of toast.
Loads of mayo on it
Cheese slice - one of those nasty yellow ones - no gourmet Dairylea
5 slices of salami evenly spread
Chopped gherkins, long slivers of em.
More mayo.
Top slice of toast.

Eat with total surprise that it is in fact very tasty.

As to beans, no Daddies, No deal!
(Thu 28th Jun 2012, 23:00, More)