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I'm american, as you may have guessed. Stumbled across the page while browsing the inter-tubes and found this site. Spent a few hours then bookmarked to my morning pages :-) Hope to get some contributions in soon.

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Blackberry Tech Support
So I work with Blackberry devices and I get a call from a prissy teenage brat. I see in the notes already that her daddy has called in twice to get a new device, but she is at college and he doesn't have the phone with him, so we can't fix it. Because her problem is her blackberry says "jvm 503" on the screen and that is a software error. You download some programs to your computer, plug your phone in, click a couple buttons, good as new.

She wants a new phone. I explain the issue. She wants a new device. We go back and forth. Eventually she says she isn't even home so she can't reload the software. I ask if she has a PC at her college, she says yes. I say, "Well perfect! We just need that and the cable and we're all set." Of course she doesn't have the cable. Or a cable to something like a camera. And none of the thousands of other people on campus do either. Right.

So I go to my supervisor to ask for permission to send out a new device. Boss is in a bad mood and tells me to put $5 on the account so that she can buy a cable. This will go over well. So we argue for a while longer, then the little teenager asks to speak to my supervisor. FINALLY. I can get off the call.

Wrong. Supervisor is on break, so I go to the next level up. Bigger boss doesn't want to deal with it, tells me to replace the blackberry. BUT I'm not to credit any shipping. Guess where this leads?

More arguing. First the brat doesn't want to pay for shipping, then she wants to pay on a credit card but not have it go onto the bill. Like that will happen. If we charge you, it appears on the bill, end of story. So we argue for some more, then she finally accepts she'll have to pay shipping.

I'm about halfway through our little "terms and conditions" mumbo jumobo, where they tell you if the phone got wet you pay for it etc, and suddenly she tells me to stop. She is going to contact her lawyer.

Whatever. Just get off my phone. Here's the address for our legal department. Have a nice day. "Oh no, I want their phone number too" she goes. Umm, lawyers only do written correspondence. You know, the whole "we've got it written down so its proof" kinda thing. Now she "knows somebody in the company" and will get the phone number.

Good luck, even I don't have one. I hate americans.

On a lighter note, we were slow one day so I tried to play a prank on my boss. I called him over and told him I had a guy on the line who's phone shocked him every time he used it. But he really liked it and wanted to get one for his buddy. Boss looked like a deer in headlights for a minute before I let him in on the joke and we had a mild snicker about it. Then my next phone call comes in.

Girl is using her headphones and it is shocking her ear. Epic irony.
(Thu 10th Sep 2009, 7:01, More)

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I smile at people
But only because they smile at me. I do it just to fit in. I never want to smile anymore.
(Sun 16th Jan 2011, 7:48, More)