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» Wanking Disasters Part II

Internet cafe buzz
I was in an internet cafe in a predominantly Muslim area. I was getting bored waiting for an Aussie friend skyping so I got a computer myself. I was then bored looking at the guardian site so decided to get my "buzz" on.

The computers had dividers giving a certain amount of privacy. The girl sat next to me would have had to lean round to see what I was doing. I did start to feel uncomfortable when I went to type in my favoured hardcore porn site and bottled it. I googled "lesbians" instead. I clicked on the first result and then totally bottled it and shut the window down. Only it didn't shut down. It opened up four more windows. Which I then shut down. Only they didn't shut down. They opened up 4 more windows. Then my computer froze. This brought me, my computer and my frozen computer screen to the attention of the Devout Ismalist running the internet cafe.

As he walked over the girl, wondering what all the fuss was about, checked out my screen. I vividly remember the picture in the top corner of my screen being a middle aged woman with clothes pegs covering her genetals. She looked at the image then turned to me with a face of contempt and disgust. I then turned from the damning face of my fellow surfer to find the Internet Cafe manager standing next to me. By this point I was crippled with embarrasment. I looked like I was about to have a nervous breakdown. Fortunately he saw the anguish I was going through. He gave me a look like "it's happened before" and let me leave.

Upon joining me outside I informed the Aussie of my plight. He laughed. Hard. After laughing he asked: "Did you get to finish one off?" No. No I didn't.
(Thu 17th Feb 2011, 15:51, More)

» Money-saving tips

Computer Games
My Gamer Tag is Histemic. I've got prestige 10 on MW1, 7 tactical nukes on MW2 and can't afford MW3. Can't bring myself to play MW2/1, just reminds me what I'm missing. My substitute is playing miniclip 8 ball pool. Hopefully miniclip will ad a "hit with cue" feature.
(Fri 11th Nov 2011, 13:41, More)