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Hi, I'm Margot.
I'm the only 17 year old girl on here. Young, I know.

I better get off here and get back to writing my Fuel Cell Tech. paper.

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» Celebrities part II

So there's this girl on YouTube.
It was a while ago and I can't remember what her username was. But I never realized how popular a 13-year-old Lolli brat could be.

So my 16-year-old self was trolling YouTube and I happened across this girl who was doing the caramelldansen dance. She was just awful. I mean seriously. She was 13, skinny, with long hair and a sort of emo/sweet lolli dress. She had goddamn fuzzy earmuffs on. She had her own show about her life in London. She paused to stare into her webcam during the show. She censored her comments so that no one could read any negativity she got.

I thought I was completely within reason to make fun of her.

But apparently she has a wide following and for the few hours after I made a single snarky remark about her school life and the whereabouts of her parents and why they would leave their daughter alone with a webcam, I was completely flooded with hate mail condemning me for making fun of such a sweet young girl. Words cannot describe my disbelief at the amount. She quickly got on her account (probably after being tipped off by one of her followers) she hid my comment and proceeded to launch a mini hate campaign against my account. ME, who has no video uploads, no YouTube friends, and who makes it clear in her very brief profile that she is only here to subscribe to Yu Gi Oh the Abridged Series.

To this day, I am being spammed with porn-ados.

There is that, and the time I accidentally criticized The Ask-A-Ninja ninja in front of a bunch of fanatics. Lame, I know.
(Wed 14th Oct 2009, 5:24, More)