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» Family codes and rituals

Dull car journey's...
...were always 'brightened up' by playing some of the old faithful car games: I Spy, car colour counting etc. Our dad usually drove and mum ended up trying to keep us entertained, thus avoiding the near fatal 'Are we there yet...?' scenario. One particular journey she had the genius idea of teaching us a new game where we had to pick a letter of the alphabet and using it to start the name of anything you saw: T - tridge (bridge) - toor (door) - tub (pub) - tree (tree duh!)

Pretty good fun on the whole, the crowning finale of this game came when she chose the letter F and we pulled into an old English farm yard for a vist: Fow, Foat, Seep, Fonkey, Fickens were among the first we saw, then parking by the pond our youngest brother screamed FUCK! This was followed by silence and three kids trying desperately not to piss themselves with laughter and give away the fact that they knew more swear words than they should.

First post for ages from a long time lurker, please be gentle.
(Mon 24th Nov 2008, 19:38, More)