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» I don't understand the attraction

well not all of it just the become a fan section. I dont need to know that 3 of my friends are now a fan of orange juice. Or that this certain person have become a fan of methadone. Oh now that's i've thought of it farmville as well its just boring and monotonous when you really think about it,
(Tue 20th Oct 2009, 0:43, More)

» Celebrities part II

A night to remember
As my childhood was spent growing up in a lazy little suburb of london me and friends used to spend a majority of our time in the big city as it was only half an hour away on the met line. So the night started out as normal going around our usual haunts in Camden enjoying a few drinks and slipping slowly into inebriation.
it get to 11 and we are sitting in the exchange bar in china town as everything is shutting down and we have to find a club fast but all being 17 we couldn't really imagine us being up there all night but we see a little doorway across the road from the exchange bar just like
the door of a house or flat with a club name across the top. everyone who has walked through china town would have walked past this seedy night club but only ten percent would of actually realised its awesomeness.
We thought nothing of it we were used to seedy establishments. The time got to 1 and we were sobering up due to high prices of drinks. We go off dancing and start talking to these random birds on the dance floor later on into the night we end up getting off with two of the group who were all dressed flamboyantly for the Friday night crowd we didnt think anything of it untill the lady i was getting off with said "this is realy fun and all but please keep quiet about this" being curious about this I asked "why?" she just simply replied "well im currently working for one of the top running musicals in london and my face is on the poster for it so i cant have you telling your friends you got with me" being very sceptical I just laughed it off kept on dancing and getting with this woman and thought nothing more of it.
Seeing it was too late to get a train home to our slum we partied until the morning trudged back to Euston station and sat down on the train ready to depart back to the town we knew and... love is kind of strong... tolerated. Until who did I see on a poster the same lady who i seduced a few hours before. In my half still drunk half hungover state my tiny brain could not acknowledge this day and still to this day have trouble fathoming it but still it stands as one of my greater achievements in the field of women even if i still cant fully understand how it happened myself.
(Sat 10th Oct 2009, 21:27, More)