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» I don't understand the attraction

People complaining about immigrants or non-whites getting access to public services over 'local' people
This is probably going to get me accused of Daily Mail reading or living in an ivory tower but I've had a liquid lunch so I don't give a fuck.

I don't get it. How many public services does the average person need very often? If I get ill I can get treatment without being passed over because of immigrants. If I need my bins emptying they get done. If I call the police, not once have I been told "Sorry mate, we think you're calls important but we have to prioritise the Somalians down the road over you". I have never once been told by the local library that that book I wanted is reserved for immigrants. The job centre will see anyone, its equally useless to all.

Most often I hear it about housing. Why is it a fundamental right to own a council house? Its not, its at the councils discretion and if they think a family with 2 small kids should get that pokey flat ahead of a 23-year old single male living at his mum and dad's then its up to them. Every other fucker has to rent at market rate or pay a mortgage, its a gift if you do get one.

Other times there's 'nothing to do round here cos the immigrants/Asians get all the money spent on their community' Why is it a fundamental right to have the council build a community centre in your area or organise stuff for you to do? They haven't done it near me and I don't give a fuck. If people want entertainment then go and do something entertaining. If you can't afford a hobby or an activity, give up booze or fags or allocate money better. It doesn't cost much to join a local sports team or research interesting stuff on the internet. Better yet, spend that time when you're bored and whining and get some fucking education and a better job so you can have a better life for yourselves and your children. Its an attitude that seems to be increasingly common these days and it fucks me right off.

End rant.
(Fri 16th Oct 2009, 13:20, More)

» Sexual fetishes

I've been in a submissive relationship for a while now.
It all started when he suddenly moved in (long story), as soon as we first met and I looked into his eyes I've been unable to stop myself doing whatever he desires. I cook, clean and shop for him and keep him entertained on demand. The only trouble is he's a bit of a dirty bugger, into pissing and shitting everywhere and having me clean it up.

Many times I've had him lying on the bed when I see that mischevious glint in his eye and experience a mounting sense of dread. You see, I know this means I'll soon see the nose of his brown trout sniffing the air before making its majestic leap onto the bedcovers and I'm the one who has to clean it up.

If that wasn't enough, sometimes he'll decide to unleash his golden fountain all over me while laughing like he's just seen Kerry Katona being bummed to death using a selection of Iceland finest frozen produce, again leaving me to deal with the mess.

The relationship has only been going on 6 months but already its changed my life. Sometimes its exhilarating, sometimes it drives me to the pits of despair. There is one thing that gets me through the dark times though, the thought that the little bugger will have to do the same for me when I'm eighty.
(Wed 28th Oct 2009, 9:49, More)

» Best and worst TV ads

Stiltskin-Inside, Levi 501s.
Great tune, reasonably good advert.

(Fri 16th Apr 2010, 11:44, More)