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» I don't understand the attraction

Dance music
I don't understand why otherwise rational people decide that going to a dark room and flailing about wildly to music that goes unsk-unsk-unsk is enjoyable. I _like_ music. I like having a drink and a dance sometimes. But dancing to 'dance' music is like playing one of those silly pianos where the keys light up in the order you are meant to press them. There's just nothing to it!

And people who can distinguish between 1,700 different types of 'dance' music ("See, this is light-techno-ambient-trance-house. Oh, you can't tell the difference?")

Seriously, the entire genre is a joke perpetrated by pale white guys with laptops in bedrooms with a few samples and an absurd electronic beat.
(Tue 20th Oct 2009, 14:12, More)

» Celebrities part II

I was at a Betchadupa gig a couple years back
I was shuffling towards the door to escape the horrid support band, pushing my way through the densely-packed crowd, when some bastard decides to stop and have a chat on his way out the door. The whole crowd of people shuffling towards the door are suddenly packed in like sardines. I look up and see that the lovely gentleman I'm squashed up against is none other than Neil Finn, of Crowded House fame. I gave a faint smile of recognition, and he gave a faint smile back. I managed to blurt something really suave like "you're cool!", and he gave a weak "uh... thanks".

This would have been all good and well except that our faces were only a couple of inches apart, and the line didn't start moving again for quite some time. I stood there being man-sandwiched against one of my musical heroes, and yet somehow it wasn't a pleasant experience.

Length? At least two long, awkward minutes before I managed to find a gap in the crowd and get the hell out of there.
(Wed 14th Oct 2009, 12:54, More)