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» Flirting

Sometimes I am very good at flirting (currently going well with a certain fella who I have yet to meet ;).....) but other times it can go disastrously.

The prime example being chatting to a cute I.T guy when I actually said "how's things up your end?". UP YOUR END?????????? Quite what the fuck I was thinking when that one just came out, I do not know. I was too embarrassed to even make a joke out it.

(Sun 21st Feb 2010, 20:21, More)

» Letters they'll never read

A few to add.....
To B..... you are better than that. Don't stand for what that wanker did to you, and believe in karma because what he did will come back and haunt him, he's a piece of shit.

To L..... get a job, stop smoking smack and get it sorted you are 27 ffs. You cannot be supported by your parents for life. If you don't get it sorted then you ain't going to be here much longer mate.

To M..... well, you've heard it all from me cutie. Get a date sorted for April, no excuses. It'll be the best sex you've ever had.

Oh and Barclays.... stuff your fucking late charges up your fucking arse. Although I would actually like you to read that....
(Thu 4th Mar 2010, 20:47, More)

» Famous people I hate

I really hate
Where to start? Here's my list.

Michael McIntyre - you must have read my mind. Pretentious, pretends not to be posh when he clearly is and is about as funny as needing a shit whilst having root canal surgery.

Vanessa Feltz - shoot her now. If she really is a size 12 then I'm getting my arse down to Weight Watchers pronto.

Ricky Gervais - oh that character you played in the Office, genius, where did you get your ideas from? He didn't. He is David fucking Brent, and he's still dining out on that fucker now.

Katie Price/Jordan/whatever - absolutely vile oxygen thief.

Lewis Hamilton - gappy toothed big headed twat. And when I say I don't support this stupid cunt, I get accused of being racist. Nope, I just hate him with a passion.

John Goodman - I can't watch anything with him in because he's fat and American and gets on my tits.

There are undoubtedly more but that's all I can muster for now.

EDIT - I have also got to add Tim The Big Dawg Westwood, Trevor Nelson, Fearne Cotton and Jeremy Kyle to this list - all wankers.
(Sun 7th Feb 2010, 21:33, More)

» Ginger

Is that an adequate answer?

EDIT as in I know people who have ginger hair.
(Sun 28th Feb 2010, 22:07, More)

» Mums

My Mom is ace
Except for when she is in a huff and not speaking to me, which has been ongoing since Friday 4pm when I rang up in a huff with my sister who was meant to pick me up from work and didn't so I ended up swearing badly at my Mom. I have apologised but she's having none of it.

I am 28 years old, honestly.
(Sun 14th Feb 2010, 20:41, More)
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