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» Guilty Laughs

One morning at secondary school
my English professor trudged silently into my classroom. He sat at his desk with a solemn look on his face and proceeded to tell the class that his mother was in the hospital dying. The poor bloke started to ball his eyes out and from the far end of the room I heard an almost silent snicker. Because of the awkwardness of the situation, a domino effect of laughter bestowed upon the entire class. Or so I thought. It was just me, laughing myself to the point of tears, while everyone stared at me in awe. When I finished my fit, I lifted my head up and excused myself, leaving the room still giving a chuckle or two on my way out the door.

I'm a horrible person. =|
(Mon 26th Jul 2010, 13:53, More)

» Caught!

We have a "family" PC everyone shares.
Ever so often, I'll use it when I'm not bothered with mine. According to the Google browser history, one member* was really desperate to see "Angelina Jolie nude", and another had his eye** on "Emma Watson anal" and "Miley Cyrus pussy".

*sigh* men.

*pun intended
**pun not intended
(Tue 8th Jun 2010, 6:24, More)