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(Mon 9th Jun 2003, 21:37, More)


I'll get around to editing this sometime soon.
(Tue 25th Feb 2003, 2:05, More)


Click for gigantic
(Sat 22nd Feb 2003, 13:03, More)

Eat your heart out.

(Mon 17th Feb 2003, 19:21, More)


(Sun 16th Feb 2003, 20:54, More)

A friend made me do this...

(Tue 11th Feb 2003, 20:19, More)

Clayman Suicide

(Fri 7th Feb 2003, 12:57, More)

The clay men

were having a bit of a disagreement.
(Thu 6th Feb 2003, 17:24, More)

The clay man

dared to mess with the sacred voodoo mask.
(Mon 3rd Feb 2003, 17:40, More)

The clay man

Wasn't very happy with himself.
(Mon 3rd Feb 2003, 1:09, More)

Heh. Last one.

(Tue 28th Jan 2003, 4:22, More)

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