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» Sex Toys

Does this count as a sex toy?
I will soon be spending close to £400 on a customised sex toy, and it won't make me orgasm. It will do the opposite, as is the purpose of an MCD.

In doing so it will drive me insane with desire.

I've played with male chastity devices for a few years. From knowing nothing of them, it has become an addiction on a par to the masturbation it prevents. The difference is the feeling is more intense and longer lasting than any orgasm. The device attached to my cock is a constant reminder that my cock is there and I cannot touch it, you are aroused but cannot get a full erection. On average men think about sex 19 times a day. Whilst in chastity it's just once and it doesn't end. Concentrating on anything else is almost impossible.

Your other half, who holds the key, has the control. Can decide when you get a release, can take advantage and encourage behaviour they would like of you. When you are away from them, they are all you can think about.

And then there is the release. After 12 days of this, the orgasm is incredible.

Apologies for length, but it's not getting any longer any time soon.
(Sun 20th May 2012, 22:00, More)