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» Anonymous

Cat flap antics....

The next door neighbours went on holiday,
They had milk delivered,
I poured it through the cat flap,
The milk man kept delivering,
every day
for 2 weeks


(i was only 10)
(Mon 18th Jan 2010, 17:21, More)

» The B3TA Confessional

Last night I dipped my balls in my friends drink and his sisters, later I felt his mums tits (very drunk at local festival)
and I'm ashamed to say that that was no word of a lie (revenge for a previous t-bagging)
(Mon 30th Aug 2010, 20:04, More)

» Vomit Pt2

How to Bark Welsh into your eyes
After my poor 15 year old body had, in 1 1/2 hours consumed:

1 x Bottle home made wine
1 x Bottle of Archers
1 x Can of Guiness
1 x King edward cigar (every little helps)

I was feeling a little unconcious,

However I managed to bark welsh into a bucket where my ultra trendy wedge/undercut hair cut scooped some up and managed to paint my eyeballs with a thick layer of Vom. ow.

(Fri 8th Jan 2010, 10:33, More)

» Real-life slapstick

Burn n Turn!
When my missus was a bit wee-er a guy called simon was playing with fire works on the memorial ground in Watchet (a rough palce!)
when it exploded in his face, he instantly span around to get away and smashed his face on the floodlight pole, haha.

(Mon 25th Jan 2010, 15:07, More)

» Stupid Colleagues

I used to work in Minehead, north coast of Somerset, alot of people thought that Wales was France.......
not colleagues, but so stupid its worth a mention
(Sun 6th Mar 2011, 10:59, More)
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