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and this came out a bit more disturbing than i expected.......

(Sat 8th Oct 2022, 9:48, More)

Too brown?

(Sat 3rd Sep 2022, 9:48, More)

This should be most triumphant!

(Sat 20th Aug 2022, 11:16, More)

The new Borisbus

(Fri 10th Jun 2022, 23:05, More)

The BeeGeeGees

(Wed 18th May 2022, 12:23, More)

Complete and utter Madness

(Fri 13th May 2022, 14:18, More)

Moaner Lisa

Edit: Ooh! A FP! Thankyou :)
(Thu 12th May 2022, 18:34, More)


(Wed 4th May 2022, 9:27, More)

(Tue 19th Apr 2022, 12:06, More)

(Tue 1st Mar 2022, 23:13, More)

Sorry. Not sorry.

(Sat 19th Feb 2022, 11:18, More)

Click for bigger (559 kb)
(Sat 12th Feb 2022, 19:18, More)

The lights are on, but nobody's home.
Click for bigger (107 kb)
(Sat 5th Feb 2022, 12:48, More)

(Fri 21st Jan 2022, 15:52, More)

2022: Charlie takes it to the next level......

(Mon 3rd Jan 2022, 13:03, More)

The next Conservative campaign gets off to a bad start.

(Mon 3rd Jan 2022, 11:32, More)

(Mon 20th Dec 2021, 15:36, More)

Nothing to see here, so nothing to investigate.

(Thu 9th Dec 2021, 11:03, More)

Day job done.

Time for the night shift.
(Thu 18th Nov 2021, 9:19, More)


I was very.... very.... drunk.
(Wed 17th Nov 2021, 19:25, More)

Laid up wif that there covid.
So I been fucking around with the warp tool. It's all my spinny brain can handle :(

(Tue 16th Nov 2021, 21:26, More)


(Mon 8th Nov 2021, 13:11, More)

(Sun 7th Nov 2021, 21:14, More)

Not really sure where I was going with this.......

(Thu 4th Nov 2021, 13:25, More)

(Sun 31st Oct 2021, 13:12, More)


(Sun 31st Oct 2021, 11:36, More)

(Fri 22nd Oct 2021, 13:31, More)


Edit: Ah fuckit, I'll compo it. What could possibly go wrong? Been a while since I had a roasting! :D
(Fri 22nd Oct 2021, 8:58, More)

And finally.... for now :D

(Tue 12th Oct 2021, 8:00, More)

I 'ate you Blofeld.

(Sat 9th Oct 2021, 8:42, More)


(Sat 18th Sep 2021, 14:57, More)


(Fri 17th Sep 2021, 8:43, More)

I know its Irish but meh.

(Thu 16th Sep 2021, 13:45, More)


(Sun 15th Aug 2021, 8:51, More)

New 100m sprint record? My money's on the middle guy.
Chunky guy's got no chance....

(Tue 27th Jul 2021, 14:18, More)


Flippin Nora. Cheers me ducks for t'replies :))))
And the FP! :))
(Thu 17th Jun 2021, 8:42, More)


(Sun 25th Oct 2020, 19:53, More)

(Mon 12th Oct 2020, 9:24, More)


(Mon 7th May 2018, 18:54, More)

Worst job in teh world.

(Sat 1st Jun 2013, 16:42, More)

Quiet round these 'ere parts, innit?

EDIT: Woo! Thanks for the FP!
(Sat 27th Apr 2013, 15:02, More)

Does this count?
Bindun yet? And if it hasn't, it should be.

(Thu 25th Oct 2012, 17:13, More)

Meanwhile, in the gynaecological ward.....

(Sat 5th May 2012, 16:17, More)

One day........

(Mon 24th Jan 2011, 16:33, More)

Just woke up with this in my head

What's the score in the cricket?
(Fri 26th Nov 2010, 6:34, More)

Bindun, probably....

(Tue 23rd Nov 2010, 12:19, More)


(Thu 1st Jul 2010, 18:45, More)

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