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» Beautiful Moments, Part Two

from the mouth of my baby
I was looking after my son, just me and him, he'd just turned three. The conversation went thus:
Yes mate?
I'm happy.
Oh that's nice to hear, why are you happy?
Cos i love you

:-) :-) :-)
(Fri 6th Aug 2010, 1:54, More)

» First World Problems

Office Cake
Came into work, at the unholy hour of 7am, to be greeted by the sight of a home made cinnamon fruit cake, sitting in the goodie corner. Managed to resist the calls of EAT ME eminating from the direction of said yummy treat, for a whole hour and 20 mins no less. So, i wandered over, cut a slice.....

Bloody thing is as dry as a Nuns snatch, AARGH!
(Mon 5th Mar 2012, 8:20, More)

» Cunning Plans

was my cunning plan to be first, mission failed
(Thu 5th Jul 2012, 12:02, More)

» Old stuff I still know

An earlier post reminded me...
I can recite the whole scripts for Red Dwarf, series 1-6, before it went shit.

9 years ago, I worked on the Tesco fish counter, and try as I might, whenever I go near one now, i think:
Rainbow Trout, 9063
Cooked and peeled Prawns, 9156
Dressed Crab 9270
Smoked Haddock 9890 etc, etc, reckon I know at least 3/4 without even thinking

Tesco barcodes mainly start 5018374 or 5031021 or on shorter barcodes 1001

I can still program in Pascal

Phone numbers just stick in my head, even my Primary school friends number (That was 22 years ago)

Navigate my way around in Dos, including creating autoexec.bat and config.sys files

Recipes I used to use in my first bakery job

I can hand mould bread (dying skill!)

User passwords for around 30 people

Why the hell does my brain retain this info, i don't even want to remember this crap!
(Sun 3rd Jul 2011, 16:46, More)

» The B3TA Confessional

story 2 follow

EDIT: I confess, i'll never get round to posting any stories, don't hold your breath!
(Thu 26th Aug 2010, 12:50, More)
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