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my name is rebecca
i live in oklahoma but i'm from the u.k
and i have a retarded accent


is a Giant Dragon that CANNOT BE STOPPED UNLESS YOU STOP IT, and has Long Balls, a Swirly Moustace, a single elf on its Forehead and a Tough Leathery Handag.

Strength: 1111 Agility: 2212 Intelligence: 8914

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» I'm an expert

escaping from handcuffs
i can fold my hands so they are the same size as my wrists
thus letting me slip out of handcuffs and the like
however i cant get out of the cloth ones :( boo

it's really useful when making a plaster cast of your hand though
(Tue 28th Jun 2005, 21:10, More)

» Scars with history

i have a few really dumb ones...being a ex self harmer
once i was writing to everybody who ever let me down once on my arm.........which is in itself stupid, but to make matters worse it hurt too much and i only got to , to eve before i chickened out
which made me look like a bible loving feminist or something
and also for some stupid reason i wrote mum while drunk
which i still have except the u came out as a o
and the m faded ....so it now still says mo...and i did this bloody ages ago, eve and mo ..oh joy!
(Thu 10th Feb 2005, 7:10, More)