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Music student from Leeds hoping to be living in that London next year.
I play bass (fender jazz)
My favourite band are The Mars Volta
I fucking hate Bono

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» Letters they'll never read

Dear Wasps
Why the fuck do you exist? I see no reason for you to be here. All you do is sting people and make girls scream like a loon when you are about. You are mean!
(Wed 10th Mar 2010, 0:28, More)

» Worst Band Ever

George Michael
"I gotta have faith" BANG! BANG! New rule George. You've got to have talent.
(Fri 31st Dec 2010, 9:42, More)

» Worst Band Ever

I have never ever met anyone who likes there self-righteous, cum sniffing music. Who the hell is buying there records?
(Fri 31st Dec 2010, 12:47, More)

» Prejudice

Me Gran
She lives here in the UK and is always on about "bloody foreigners coming over here". Where is she from?

(Thu 1st Apr 2010, 14:11, More)