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» Bad Management

Similar to PKM's and Jeccius' stories
My dad was rushed into hospital out of the blue, and we were told he needed a quadruple bypass. I'd never even heard of one of these before, I thought the worst was a triple bypass. My boss knew all about this and was still her usual vile self refusing to allow me time off to be with my family, taking every opportunity to bully me.

When the day of the operation came around, I was getting quietly hysterical. Trying to do work but having to re-read things over and over again. He was going into theatre at 4. My boss worked 9.30 till 2.30. At about 3 I couldn't do it anymore, my boss had gone home, her boss was off work too. So I asked their boss if there was anyway I could go home because I was completely unable to do my work. He was horrified that I was even there when I had that going on, and he sent me home telling me to take as long as I needed, paid. He just told me to phone in the next day to let my boss know what was going on.

So, I phone in the next morning, shattered and still hugely worried because they've put my Dad into a coma because he had some complications. Does my boss ask how my Dad is? Does she ask how I'm doing? Of course not, the first thing she asks was what was the urgency? why did I need to leave so suddenly? She then informs me that regardless what the big boss says, she will only allow me two days off paid, anything after that will have to be unpaid or holiday.

This isn't the end of it though. When I get back to work the next Monday I get taken into a disciplinary meeting for the time off I've had earlier in the year (Car crash and food poisoning). I don't get told I can take someone in with me, I'm not even told it's a disciplinary meeting. My boss then threatens me that what happened to Dennis will happen to me. Dennis btw was a lovely guy, but never turned up on time, took double length breaks, plus smoking breaks, plus messed up the system quite a lot along with others things they never told us about, they got rid of him fairly swiftly. I'd just had a perfect appraisal, very grudgingly given of course.

I complained to HR, and the first girl I spoke to was lovely and really helpful. However when her boss saw the name involved, she took over. I was given a meeting with this lady, my boss, and my boss' boss, the one who had been off work when I needed to go. I was told in no uncertain terms that I was not believed, they had know my boss for 8 years and she wouldn't do anything like this. (No-one in my post had ever lasted more than a year before transferring to a different department or leaving, 3 months was a good record and I'd done nearly 8) They left me in tears and feeling utterly helpless. I left two weeks later to look after my Dad. I detailed everything that happened in my leaving interview, but I very much doubt they did anything about it.

Sorry for the rant. BP at CA, I hope that you suffer from great pain. There is no-one else in the world that I would ever wish that upon, even death (which I wouldn't wish on anyone) is too good for you.
(Wed 16th Jun 2010, 10:24, More)

» How clean is your house?

Last time we went to stay with friends of my other half...
The bed we slept on had so many cat hairs on it that the black sheets looked grey (I have long haired cats who are currently moulting, this would take them a good few weeks to do, their cats are short haired)

The floor had 2 or 3 crusty old cat poos that hadn't been cleared up.

The toilet looked like it should be in a student house.

The shower was covered in a layer of slime.

The kitchen was indescribably filthy, the bottom of the kitchen sink (you know, the place where you're meant clean stuff) was mouldy and stank.

They had lived there for two weeks, that's right, TWO WEEKS!! They don't work btw, this is just how they live.

They're coming to stay with us this weekend. We both work full time. Needless to say our house will be spotless.
(Tue 30th Mar 2010, 16:48, More)