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I've been playing with the traffic again....

5MB imgur with rain :P
(Sat 20th Sep 2014, 2:00, More)


edit: fp! :D ta very much b3ta peeps
(Thu 20th Feb 2014, 23:17, More)

Honestly, you wait all day for a bus...
you wait all day for a bus...

(Thu 24th Oct 2013, 20:44, More)

off to blow shit up and maybe get into some bridal wear.
or maybe a nice blouse.

Click for bigger

edit:wahey fp :) have a mahoozive version click for HUGE (2mb)
(Sat 15th Jun 2013, 0:14, More)

it's a power...... but a super one?

(Sun 14th Apr 2013, 19:00, More)


(Thu 28th Mar 2013, 22:48, More)

monday mornings....i hates em.
bring on the easter bunny and more importantly that 4 day weekend :)

(Sun 24th Mar 2013, 23:17, More)


(Sun 24th Mar 2013, 19:01, More)

there is no try, only do.....
...you in the bum

(Fri 22nd Mar 2013, 17:51, More)

(at her majesty's) pleasure rules!

Larger an faster version here:25.media.tumblr.com/5c91d3fd54222469aed6b42649c92aa7/tumblr_mjimtc45EV1rjlj53o1_400.gif
(Mon 11th Mar 2013, 21:42, More)

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