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» Protest!

I went on strike for 3 days a few years ago in protest of my Local Authority employer eroding the terms and conditions of my job. Then i saw my pay packet minus the 3 day's wages and faced the hassle of having to pay my pension and NI back into the system.
Now I'm a scab.
(Tue 16th Nov 2010, 17:19, More)

» Crappy relationships

Nuclear Psycho
Something happened to me after i turned 31. I blame peer pressure and the media's brainwashing of women into thinking that if they aren't married or in a successful relationship by the time they are 30, there's something wrong with them. I went from being a reasonable, well balanced young woman to a gibbering wreck with a ball of tension in my abdomen that wouldn't go away.
Anyway - that's my excuse and i'm sticking to it.
After spending my 20s in 2 long term relationships with geeky, IT types who both looked like fat (in a good way) Dave Grohl, I decided I'd try something different and dated a short-arsed gym bunny who was an Officer in the Forces.
Now, to be fair to him, I was pretty impressed with his plush pad and quirky manners and confidence when we were out, so probably had blinkers on when it came to his 'quirks'.
Mainly being kicking the sh*t out of anyone who looked at me, talked to me or was me.
The 1st time he hit me, we were both drunk, so i talked myself into thinking it was a one off.
The 2nd time, he gave me a black eye and begged/threatened me not to go to the Police as he'd lose his career/pension etc - I think i was more scared than sympathetic.
I also found he'd been scouring t'internet dating sites, including Adultfriendfinder.

I can't even remember what I binned him over, I think it was just my 'fight or flight' kicking in a year too late.
In retrospect all the confidence and better manners that he had, he'd copied from his (nicer) friends, and actually he was as thick as mince, had no taste in music (Celine Dion anyone??) and would be hard pushed to hold a conversation with anyone with an IQ over 110.
Unfortunately he was/is? in charge of the nuclear bits of some subs in a naval base to the west of Glasgow. How effing scary is that?

On a positive note I now have a huge collection of self help books for sale on ebay..... going to cheap to burds over the age of 30!
(Wed 27th Oct 2010, 13:34, More)