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» Ginger

I once knew an...interesting bloke by the name of Joel (subtly changed) and he was definately a full on ginge, now there are many reasons I have for disliking him (his god complex/way he thinks the world owes him everything) but the one memory that sticks in my mind happened at a mates house around 4 years ago and is now legendary among us (or was til we hit uni)

there were 4 of us sat in the mates room, drinking, playing on the ps2 and looking at pr0n as you do aged 16, and this was all going well until Joel seemed to go quiet, followed by an all too familiar fapping sound, he was indeed stroking his salty salami, in front of us all, and not only that, the whole time mouthing the word 'mom' up until he had managed to spaff in his hands, wipe it on his pyjamas (yeah he had brought them to get drunk in) and then took a controller and joined us on the ps2 again.

And this is why still, whenever the subject of Joel comes up, the word mom is used.

Bit shit I know but 'pop' and 'will try harder next time...'
(Thu 4th Mar 2010, 3:28, More)