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Part time DJ, full time father, motorcyclist, and customer service agent (for my sins, many tho they are).
My website was put together in 10 minutes and is utter crap and I'm too lazy to do anything with it.

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» Mums

Random Universe?
In a random universe bad luck would be spread out a bit, wouldn't it?
Not so for my mum.
Condom failed in 1970 in uber backwards religious Belfast, Ireland - not popular with her parents after that.
Husband developed Multiple Sclerosis.
First child developed paranoid schizophrenia.
Second child had condom failure at age 17 whilst studying for A-Levels, much to mum's despair.
Third child went to a club after A-Levels and got spiked, went in to coma, suffered brain damage and mental ill health.
Fourth child's prospects don't look great really. Well she suffered post natal depression after he was born and now lives with the obesity that came with the depression and associated health problems.
Mum gets by, just, by playing games on the internet most of the day.
(Tue 16th Feb 2010, 22:09, More)

» Real-life slapstick

Spoilt Bastard
I hate this guy, so this slap-stick moment is what cheers me up when I'm reminded of him
This guy fucked me over and did well out of it.
We went to college to do Software Engineering together and had been in school together before then.
He was an only child (adopted) who verbally abused his slightly elderly parents to get all the computer games and expensive electric guitars he wanted. I was naive enough to think he could be alright given a chance, or some such bollocks.
He stole my girlfriend at a party when we were 16.
When we were at college I debugged his programs and showed him step by step how to create simple computer programs.
He stuck to me like glue for this purpose, he couldn't program a video recorder to record channel 4.
My programming lecturer and I didn't get on well (that's another story) so when our programming assignments were seen to have similarities, he pulled us and basically we were being watched so assignments had to be done separately.
Dickhead came to me to request help, begged to see my homework, I caved in and gave it to him on the strict proviso he did not copy it.
He copied it.
We were pulled for cheating. He stood there silently until I made excuses about working together on it. I got my grade lowered.
He got a typo on his certificate making it look like he was very good at programming. He's now a programmer in the civil service (where I live nobody gets fired in the civil service because the management are so weak), and I'm still struggling to find a decent job.
So anyway, back when I was a poor teenager, spoilt bastard would buy himself take away food on nights out and eat it all himself while we poor kids (who didn't bully our parents) looked on.
one night he bought a Pizza with ham, as he bit in to the fresh hot pizza a full 4x6 inch slice of ham slid off the pizza and stuck to his chin and neck burning the crap out of it.
I laughed so hard that tears rolled down my face.
(Wed 27th Jan 2010, 0:07, More)

» Where Did It All Go Wrong?

I've been trouble from the start it seems.
Age of 5 a friend and I got a digger started on a building site across the road from our houses. I also painted the next door neighbours volkswagen beetle a fetching colour of green about the same age. A couple of years later I went out at night on my bike to play on the river near my school and in the grounds of my school, again a digger was involved - taken home by police. Age 10 - truancy, drinking, sniffing, smoking, stealing, vandalism, I was a one boy crime wave. Spent several says off from primary school destroying a large abandoned house, sawing bannisters, smashing windows, trying to cut down trees, sniffing petrol we found in a lawnmower, pooping in the living room. It's a common thing with people breaking in to places to poop there, I think it's the adrenalin that stimulates it.
(Sun 3rd Mar 2013, 1:36, More)

» Flirting

Staring & Stalking
Whenever I fancied someone, I was normally completely dumbstruck, so I tried to convey the message non-verbally, by staring at them.
At one point whilst I had a huge crush I was tempted to go hang out near where they lived in the hope of bumping in to them, so I could stare at them I suppose.
this didn't fail completely all the time, sometimes people threw themselves at me, which would result in me running away or insulting them in some way
I'm married now, jebus knows how
(Mon 22nd Feb 2010, 22:31, More)