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» Absolute Power

A neighbour's lad had been bullying me
but when he got a new pair of roller skates, he called round to ask if I would show him the ropes (you know, the roller skate ropes). Anyway, I got my own back by finding a long gentle hill to teach him. He couldn't stop and had a nasty fall. Result!
(Thu 8th Jul 2010, 17:37, More)

» Winning

The Unexpecting Raffler
For being one of fifty applicants chosen to participate in the Helsinki Printing House 50th Anniversary raffle in 1988, I was presented with a beautiful white-framed, export-quality racing bike which I rode for over 25 years.
(Fri 29th Apr 2011, 19:37, More)

» Worst Band Ever

Beatles and Abba
if I never hear any of their songs ever again, I'll be fine. Ooops!
(Sat 1st Jan 2011, 9:35, More)