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I'd like one of those nice shiny clever profiles, but I'm too stupid.
I'm 20 and a student in Manchester.
Look at my only first frontpage! Rubbish, isn't it. Those was the days.

Want to email me? Oh go on then, here's my address
KwalityControl AT hotmail DOT com

Recent front page messages:

Fireflies get confused this time of year.

Ooo my 2nd FP. Cheers!
(Thu 4th Dec 2003, 12:15, More)

apologies for saturday morning punnerage

a bit bigger here
(Sat 14th Dec 2002, 11:26, More)

Best answers to questions:

» Worst Record Ever

I love to Boogie
by T-Rex.
I am actually so hateful of this song that it genuinely fills me with uncontrollable rage and brings me out in a cold sweat.
Everything about it. The fucking horrible guitar bit. The voice. The fucking guitar. With the stupid fucking thing it does.
I'm not joking, this song really does make me physically ill.
Thinking about it has made me all angry.
You bastards.
(Tue 2nd Dec 2003, 20:20, More)

» Slang Survey

"Rough as toast"
I have no idea what it means, but my flatmate from Halifax says it.

Oh, and upon leaving a shop, most likely with stolen goods, the more discrening ghetto child will say "Hoods up, dip out".
(Sun 1st Feb 2004, 14:10, More)

» Shit Stories

Happened to someone I know...
A guy I know was a regular Glastonbury attendee back in the days when the toilets were a deep trench with planks of wood over the top. He fell in, and the resulting quagmire of shit has left him with post-traumatic stress disorder, which still gives him flashbacks.
(Thu 6th May 2004, 10:24, More)

» Best Comebacks

I honestly have said some good ones
but I can't remember them so have this crap one instead.
When I was in school some guy used the ol' "You're mum's so stupid she got locked in Tesco and starved"
To which I said: "You're mum's so FAT she got locked in Tesco and starved"

Do you see? Not my best.
(Fri 30th Apr 2004, 15:43, More)

» Shit Stories

A story to be continued...
Someone has left the biggest floater I have ever seen in the toilet in my flat. It's massive. Literally about 6 inches long and over an inch across.And it won't go down. And it's next to my bedroom.
(Thu 6th May 2004, 14:09, More)
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